Interrupted Summer


Eric Gillies Bernardez, MBA, is a writer and mining engineer currently living in San Jose, California. Co-writing a national symposium paper and posting various technical reports for his company were his first ventures into formal writing. His passion for writing was recently rekindled, resulting in his first novel, Interrupted Summer.

The story opens with a pair of monkey-eating eagles that appear to have mutated into a large and ferocious subspecies, due to their consumption of prey tainted with potent enzymes from a botched scientific experiment. After witnessing one of the winged predators hunting near his mother’s farm, Marco Vega, a biology major, becomes fascinated with the giant predator. When he learns of their endangered status, he tracks the eagle to its nest in the wild to find out how he can help in their conservation. His trek to the eagles domain is not without danger but that doesn’t lessen his resolve to find their nest. While Marco’s interactions with the giant raptors are for his own preservation, they also reveal his true intentions to help in saving the majestic monkey-eating eagle he has come to care for.

Eric had the opportunity to manage several copper and gold mining operations in the mountainous areas of Luzon Island in the northern Philippines. He drew inspiration for his novel from these places, despite the armed engagements between the government and anti-government forces in one of these mining areas. His experiences furnished him with a compilation of ideas he used in crafting many scenes of his story. Eric’s knowledge of martial arts is also woven into the novel.

The fast-paced adventure that brings the reader across parts of the Southeast Asian Frontier is entwined with the preservation of the majestic monkey-eating eagle. The author hopes to share his thoughts in ways that will help save this vanishing species and the disappearing tropical rainforests.