Following are two short excerpts from my novel Interrupted Summer, as well as a poem written about the monkey-eating eagle.

Just when the threesome thought they had heard the last of the eagles squeals echoing across the valley, they were startled to hear another sound-off as they caught a glimpse of the dark profile of the cliff-bound predator painted against the backdrop of the crimson setting sun.

Soaring above the great outdoors, the Master and Predator set their eyes on the dominant presence looming ahead, with its lofty peaks hidden in part by a scattering of white clouds the towering Caraballo Mountains.


On mighty eagle’s wings I flew
From nest on lofty rock wall ledge
Big valley, I’ll return to you
One day! It is not mine to pledge.

When it is time, the eagle will
Slip me down to wooded lands
To tread across your earthy till
And frolic on your river sands.


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