Interrupted Summer is the first novel from author Eric Gillies Bernardez.

A pair of monkey-eating eagles appear to have mutated into a huge and ferocious subspecies, due to their consumption of prey tainted with potent enzymes from a botched scientific experiment. Watching one of the eagles hunt near his mother’s farm, Marco Vega, a university freshman studying biology, is fascinated with the predator. After learning of their endangered status, he tracks the eagle to gain more knowledge on how to help in the species’s conservation. His trek to the eagles’ domain is not without danger. He discovers a large marijuana operation and barely escapes from armed drug traffickers who chase him down the river and into a rat-infested tunnel. Luckily for Marco, growing up in a mine has honed his skills in surviving inside an abandoned tunnel. He burrows through partial cave-ins that are blocking his way to freedom. Marco finds the eagles’ nest on the edge of a cliff but he’s not so lucky this time. As he scales the rock wall to have a closer look at the nest below, the giant eagle spots him and attacks. He loses his foothold and falls to the cliff ledge. Marco survives the scary plunge but realizes that there’s no way out. He must find a means of escape or die on the ledge. While Marco’s interactions with the giant raptors are for his own preservation, they also reveal his true intentions to help in saving the majestic monkey-eating eagle he has come to care for.

The fast-paced adventure that brings the reader across parts of the Southeast Asian Frontier is entwined with the preservation of the majestic monkey-eating eagle. The author hopes to share his thoughts in ways that will help save this vanishing species and the disappearing tropical rainforests.buybutton